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Brett Cervantes joined Marcus & Millichap mid-2007. Through this challenging period, Mr. Cervantes has closed numerous commercial real estate transactions. He obtained the firms “Pace Setter Award” a distinct recognition enduring high level brokerage activity. In April 2010 he was ranked in the “Top 30” Multi-Tenant Retail Specialists in the firm (Top 30 of 1,200 agents).

Mr. Cervantes specializes in retail, office, and industrial investment properties, representing clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California. He specializes in re-positioning equity to maximize after-tax returns by utilizing the benefits of the tax-deferred IRC 1031 real property exchange.

Mr. Cervantes evaluates his client’s “return on equity” for a single real estate asset or portfolio of properties and provides options to significantly increase income and/or preserve wealth. Many of his clients allocate equity to single tenant triple net leased properties which in most cases are management free commercial properties signed by long term leases by nationally recognized companies.

About Brett Cervantes


Denise Churchill

Placentia, CA

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"I had the pleasure of working with Brett Cervantes since January of this year, it proved to be an exhausting, frustrating and beneficial ten months for the both of us. Mr. Cervantes was diligent in his duties as my representative and even though this transaction was quite difficult and a challenge he remained positive.

Our property dealt with a closed communication issue that caused concern among perspective buyers, we addressed each and every concern. Brett made sure that the prospective buyers were given all the information; both the good and the bad. This was an uphill venture the entire way and when I say it was exhausting I am no exaggerating. Brett gave 110% and many hours were invested. He was sure to keep me up to date on any movement made, he kept in contact via e-mail, phone, texting or meetings; I never had to second guess as to what was happening.

Brett Cervantes is definitely an attribute to your corporation, he is efficient, informative, trustworthy and a loyal employee.

If in the future we have a need to purchase or sell commercial property Brett will be the person we call. I truly hope that you value this young man and his hard work ethic, that trait alone is hard to find in today's market."

John Kerin

President & Chief Executive Officer

Marcus & Millichap

Encino, CA

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​"I appreciate receiving [Ms. Denise Churchill's] complimentary letter extolling the outstanding, professional service provided by Brett Cervantes. The cornerstone of our organization is our agents' individual representation of their clients. It pleases me to hear you were greatly satisfied with a job well done. Knowing the time and effort it takes to write such a letter is even more satisfying and meaningful to us."

Serving locations including, but not limited to:

Aliso Viejo   |   Anaheim   |   Anaheim Hills   |   Brea   |   Buena Park   |   Costa Mesa   |   Cypress   |   Dana Point   |   Fountain Valley   |   Fullerton   |   Garden Grove   |   Huntington Beach
Irvine   |   La Habra   |   La Palma   |   Laguna Beach   |   Laguna Hills   |   Laguna Niguel  |   Laguna Woods   |   Lake Forest   |   Los Alamitos   |   Mission Viejo   |   Newport Beach   |   Orange    Placentia   |   Rancho Santa Margarita   |   San Clemente   |   San Juan Capistrano   |   Santa Ana   |   Seal Beach   |   Stanton   |   Tustin   |   Villa Park   |   Westminster   |   Yorba Linda

Professional Qualifications

List of Clients

Below is a partial list of clients. Phone numbers provided upon request.
Serving locations including, but not limited to:
Aliso Viejo   |   Anaheim   |   Anaheim Hills   |   Brea   |   Buena Park   |   Costa Mesa   |   Cypress   |   Dana Point   |   Fountain Valley   |   Fullerton   |   Garden Grove   |   Huntington Beach
Irvine   |   La Habra   |   La Palma   |   Laguna Beach   |   Laguna Hills   |   Laguna Niguel  |   Laguna Woods   |   Lake Forest   |   Los Alamitos   |   Mission Viejo   |   Newport Beach   |   Orange    Placentia   |   Rancho Santa Margarita   |   San Clemente   |   San Juan Capistrano   |   Santa Ana   |   Seal Beach   |   Stanton   |   Tustin   |   Villa Park   |   Westminster   |   Yorba Linda
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
    • Marketing Management & Minor in Finance, Real Estate, Law
  • Dean’s Honor List Multiple Recipient
  • President’s Honor List Multiple Recipient

Mr. Cervantes tailors investment scenarios according to each client’s real estate goals. On average, his clients have benefited from a +/- 35% increase in income. He accomplishes this by utilizing the benefits of the tax-deferred IRC 1031 real property exchange and after tax depreciation and interest benefits.

Now with Paul Kott Realtors, Inc. – Commercial Division based in Anaheim, CA, Brett Cervantes provides commercial property owners a broader spectrum of commercial real estate services including valuation, leasing, and investment sales.

Paul Schroeder

The Schroeder Family Trust, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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"I would like to highly recommend Brett A. Cervantes from Paul Kott Realtors in Anaheim, Ca. as a listing agent. I am the trustee for my family trust, which had commercial property in Garden Grove. My father who owned a Electrical Advertising Company purchased the property in 1964 he retired about 25 years ago but held on to the commercial property, he died about 5 years ago, and appointed me as the family trustee and executor.

For over 20 years it was leased to a boat repair business owner, but he was very ill and had not paid a lease payment in over 10 months. I first talked to Brett over a year ago when he worked for an agency in Ontario. We were not ready to sell the property at that time but Brett kept in contact with me about every month. After Brett had changed to Paul Kott Realtors, Inc. in Anaheim the tenants of our property had not paid their lease payment for a long time so I decided to let Brett list the property. I appreciated his perseverance and even though other agents had contacted me I appreciated Brett’s tenacity and patience.

He did a great job of marketing the property. He put a lot of time and effort into putting together a very professional looking marketing and valuation analysis. One of the problems I had was that I live over 50 miles away from the property, and it was very difficult to go down and see the condition of the property, but Brett spent a lot of time evaluating the condition of the property. Even though it was towards the end of the year and a difficult time to sell commercial real estate, in less than a month Brett had a prospective buyer but they made a very low offer, and did not accept our counter offer.

Shortly after that Brett came up with another prospective buyer, he had the two prospective buyers bid against each other and the second prospective buyer that Brett was the selling agent for came up with the best offer. I accepted his offer and we went into a 60-­-day escrow. The biggest challenge was that the existing tenant did not get all of their belongings off the property until the day before escrow was to close. Brett was very helpful in convincing the tenants to move everything off the property. The escrow closed on the 60th day. Brett was very patient yet tenacious in closing the sale. I feel he did a very good job and did a lot to earn his commission. Brett was very professional and is a very good listing agent. I very much appreciate his hard work."